Gem Trade Platform

GXT Company is based on Blockchain Technology.
GXT is Hybrid master node platform.

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Trading diamonds


Diamond buyers do not know the actual value of diamonds.


You don't know the quality of the rough diamonds
and the price they have to pay from them.


The price of equipment that measures diamonds is very expensive.


You need whole factory, machinery, equipment,
grinding wheel and high-quality technology
if you really wanted to have quality yield and jewelry


If the diamond industry is quite new to you,
its difficult to find reputable and credible buyers.
there are chances you will be get robbed even.
Few will buy on credit from you at high prices but never give your money back.

Program of GXT

  • 01
    Rough Diamond Trading

    You can choice the Rough Diamond
    sit on the comfort chair with the coffee
    we porovide to you.

  • 02
    Final Cut
    Diamond Trading

    This program is not for the course
    but for the clients who want to get result
    and deliverables quickly.

  • 03
    Color Gem stone Trading

    As we roamed through the dense forests
    and the mountainous areas, we were able to
    acquire stone of various colors.

  • 04
    Gold Bar Trading

    We can make you a proposal in secret way.
    But before, Client must drink 100 more
    cups of coffee which is provide by us.

  • 05
    Crypto currency Platform

    We’ve explored the jungle, the mountains, but we never forget modern civilization.
    This is the age of the Virtual Currency / Crypto currency.
    You can buy our Diamond or Jewelry with virtual coin.

    • Platform 1

      Buy Diamond (Jewelry) with Crypto currency

    • Platform 2

      Input the crypto currency for Diamond trading
      - Diamond will be cash

    • Platform 3

      Just un-cash without the trading platform
      - crypto currency directly will be un-cash

About GXT

GXT Trading

Dubai /To be established

- Diamond Sale
- Diamond Trading

GXT Trading

India /To be established

Diamond cutting

GXT Tech


- Diamond brand business
- Blockchain certification service
- FX, Futures Trading
- Luxury Trading service

GXT Platform

Virgin Island

- Coin Issue
- Marketing

  • Blockchain

  • Real

Feature of Diamond Market

Gold Market


20% Gold Jewelry Industrial Other US $140 bn

80% Investment US $550 bn

Diamond Market


99% Diamond Jewelry Industrial Other US $870 bn

1% Investment US $1 bn


20% Diamond Jewelry Industrial Other US $87 bn

80% Investment US $348 bn

Eco System

  • Jewelry Trading

  • FX, Futures Trading

  • Jewelry brand Launching
    (To be established)

  • Blockchain certification service
    (To be established)

  • Jewerly platform
    (To be established)

Business Road Map

  • 2020


  • 2020


  • 2019

    Brand Business / Blockchain
    / Luxury goods trading

  • 2019

    Jewelry trading
    / Financial trading

Building a financial platform based on assets

User based global business

High value added / New growth sources

An independent platform / Stable company

High Growth
High Value added


High Margin
  • Rough Diamond

  • Shipping

  • Cutting

  • Certification

  • Trading

circulation structure

GXT Platform

  • Expect a rise in the value
    of the GXT coin.

    Burned Effect
    A token burn is the destruction of a certain amount of GXT.
    Holder and the company can expect a rise in the value of the coin.

    • Shop

      Upload the traded jewelry to the GXT shop.

    • Aution

      Buy jewelry through real-time bidding.

    • Option

      Option using diamond quotation.

Diamond Brand

GXT's own jewelry brand business
to maximize the Value of Jewelry.

Luxury goods Trading Business

Luxury Goods Trading Business

The business involves importing and passing various brand-name goods
through legal channels and distributing them to consumers at reasonable prices.

“ Some People think luxury is the opposite of proverty.
It is not. It is the opposite og vulgarity. ”
- Coco chanel

Block-chain Certificatiom Business

Blockchain certification service
& Archive Platform

  • Building a transparent certification environment.
  • Free from risk of lost certificate.
  • Deep Learning Image Recognition Technology.

Jewerler Platform

  • Jewelry Seller
  • Jewelry Buyer

Secure and Transparent Global Jeweler Platform using block-chain technology.
Jeweler platform targeted at GXT holders and global users.

GXT Marketing Road Map

Marster Node Marketing Road Map

  • Aug. 8
  • Sep. 9
  • Oct. 10
  • Nov. 11
  • Dec. 12
  • Jan. 1
  • Feb. 2
  • Preparing
    to go Global GXT
  • Entry
  • Entry
    China & South Asia
  • Entry
    Market Eurasia
  • Singapore global forum
    U.S. & Europe Market entry
  • South America
    Market entry
  • Las Vegas
    Global Forum

GXT Qualifiction

General Qualification
  • Symbol GXT
  • Publication 500, 001, 004 GXT
  • 1 NODE 1,000 GXT
  • 1 GXT Exchange market price
  • Total Node Only 100,000 node (Limited)
Particular Qualification
  • Ratio of squeaking Master Node 100%
  • Creating a block of time 60 sec.
  • Block Compensation 1 GXT
  • Fixed block Count 60 Block (Available for transfer to confirm 61)
  • Fixed block Count for Mining 100 BLock (Available for transfer to confirm 101)
  • Mining Method PoW/ PoS Hybrid
  • Hash Algorithm Quark (MAIN NET)

※ Policy can be changed due to the situation of the head office

GXT Vision

If the price of diamonds falls, they can be protected at a price of a nose.
If the price of the Coin drops, you can defend it with diamonds.

  • Mining Pool Using
    Master Node Concept

  • Transferable
    to real assets

  • List of
    international exchanges

  • Easier to Participate
    Global Platforms

  • Is it possible to mine every day?
  • Does continuous trading and burn coin?
  • Is global trading possible?
  • Is it a sustainable business model?

GXT Members

  • SCOTT MATHEINA CEO (Singapore & global)

    - Worbli Foundation
    Customer Support Manager / Community Manager / DevOps
    - BlockchainOS, Inc.
    US Branch Manager & Global Customer Support Manager
    - Senior Operations Manager (United States Army)

  • LI, ZUOJUN Director (china)

    - Gxt Platform In Virgin Islands Director (china)
    - Blockchain investors, Director
    - General Manager of China-Asset On Block

  • JR Davis CEO (India)

    - Cutting & Polishing & Trading

  • Scott Gilbert CEO (dubai)

    - GXT Trading COO (dubai)
    - Trading & Sales & Finace

  • Liu Gang CTO (China)

    - Renren.Net Development and Operation Officer
    - China Alibaba Platform Officer CTO
    - China Baidu Mobile Platform Operations Officer CTO
    - China COIN BIRDS Blockchain Media CEO

  • Henry Kim CTO (Korea)

    - Current) Chief Executive Officer of MTO Association LLC
    - Current) XIOX Group Representative Director
    - Former) Los Child Bank Asia Investment Partner

  • RASHID JEMAL Director (Tanzania)

    - MANAGING DIRECTOR (Tanzania)
    - Senior technician power generation unit

  • Francisco Gordillo

    - Blockchain strategy
    - ShaHash Blockchain Corporation
    - Geo Data Block
    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/fgordillo/

  • Hester Kranendonk Community Management

    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hester-kranendonk-626606a/

  • GARY SANCHEZ Concept Designer

    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/garysanchezdesign/

  • Julian Jones Financial Officer

    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/julian-jones-b10aa4111/

  • R.W Legal Counsel

  • Louis Leakey Analyst (Kenya)

    - Trade Network Agency

  • Viktor Lundberg Making (Sweden)

    - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lundbergviktor/

  • Daniel Hagelstrom Blockchain Leader

    - Latin America at Oracle

  • Anne shokrian Communication & Event manager